At Epi-Hab, we provide meaningful employment opportunities for those with epilepsy and a variety of other challenges. Our typical work focuses on our employees’ “hand labor” skills, and through these skills, we meet our customers’ requirements. Epi-Hab often becomes a customer’s production plant and warehouse; receiving/storing and fulfilling orders.

Epi-Hab has been operating for more than 50 years. We are an innovative and self-sufficient not-for-profit company. We receive no government grants or charitable contributions. We have no “piece work” rate of pay. All our employees are paid at or above minimum wage. Our work is primarily indoors, on site. We employ a very lean management staff, so all our employees must independently contribute in order for Epi-Hab to be successful.

Are you interested in joining our family? Learn more by visiting us at 2125 W. Fillmore Street, just west of downtown Phoenix. Tour our facility, talk with our staff, complete our application.

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