What is the Key to EPI-HAB’s Success?

Over the years, the key to EPI-HAB’s success has been our PEOPLE working together as a team.

There have been a lot of changes; employees, customers and different types of projects. In addition to doing various mailings, we have assembled iPad stands, poly bagged and sealed various kits, inspected and sorted kitchenware, stuffed absorbent material in a stuffed toy, washed candle jars and helped many startup businesses with fulfillment services. However, there is one constant: the dedication and hard work our PEOPLE demonstrate each and every day.

For more than 57 years, EPI-HAB has searched for new customers that need our “helping hands” as well as more ways to help our current clients. Our decades of work prove we meet customer expectations with any problem or work they bring our way.

If you have a labor-intensive job, call on EPI-HAB Phoenix, Inc. at 602-254-7027. If you know someone who may be interested in working at EPI-HAB, call or email us at info@epihab.org.