Order Fulfillment at Epi-Hab

There is much more to order fulfillment than packing items in a box, adhering a shipping label and placing it on a truck for delivery. Epi-Hab’s order fulfillment revolves around controlling three factors: cost, delivery times and accuracy. We outperform our competition because of our team of dedicated professionals and our warehousing system.

Epi-Hab has 57 years of experience in every stage of order fulfillment. We have employees who have been with Epi-Hab for more than twenty years. So, when you need a “go-to” resource for order fulfillment, you are partnering with people who not only know what they are doing, but they know how to do it right.


Epi-Hab has a strong reputation for its quality team and history of fulfillment services. In addition, we are centrally located at 2125 W. Fillmore St. in Phoenix, Arizona for shorter delivery time. The location also helps us to be more responsive to our customers.

Call Epi-Hab at 602-254-7027 when you are ready to outsource your order fulfillment.