3 Reasons to Choose EPI-HAB for Your Next Project

Reason #1: Epi-Hab will alleviate the costs and stress associated with overtime and seasonal workers.

For many businesses, there is a peak season when you are (for better or for worse) overwhelmed with orders. How do you manage the extra load? Do you utilize your permanent staff by paying overtime? This is a risky move because overtime typically brings about extra stress and eventually employee ‘burnout’.

Do you hire seasonal workers to take on the extra work? This tactic is risky, as well. There are always training costs associated with new hires, and seasonal workers lack the loyalty of permanent employees. They may quit with short notice to take on a better opportunity, and they are more likely to steal from their employer.

Rather than staff and train or pay overtime for your peak periods and emergency needs, Epi-Hab can help you by utilizing our well-trained labor force and competent supervision. Our employees have obtained valuable experience by working for national companies as well as many local businesses in Phoenix, Arizona. Putting our skilled workforce to work for you will enable you to save in many ways.

Reason #2: Epi-Hab can help you increase your production output without a costly plant expansion.

Epi-Hab’s first building is approximately 38,000 square feet, and our second building is 30,000 square feet. We also have approximately 15,000 square feet of racked pallet storage. All this space gives us plenty of area to receive, assemble, repair, inspect packages and warehouse.

Reason #3: Epi-Hab promises customer satisfaction.

Epi-Hab’s customer list includes hundreds of businesses large and small. We have been in business for more than fifty years because our customers always receive quality and timely service.

Contact Epi-Hab today, and put us to the test!