EPI-HAB Attends Charity Night to Support the Epilepsy Foundation of Arizona

epi 2Torrey Rogers, EPI-HAB’s Controller, was out in force this month, representing  EPI-HAB and showing its support for the charitable work done by the Epilepsy Foundation of Arizona.

Since 1973, The Epilepsy Foundation of Arizona has been committed to the welfare of those suffering from epilepsy. The organization works to prevent and cure seizure disorders, alleviate their effects, and promote independence and optimal quality of life for individuals with the disorders.

This year’s gala honored Dr. Joseph Drazkowski with the Commitment to Epilepsy award and celebrated in memory of Ray Krueger with the Outstanding Fundraiser of the Year award.

“EPI-HAB’s presence at the event is an example of one nonprofit supporting another,” explained Rogers.


Epilepsy in Arizona
Epilepsy is a generic term for a group of diseases characterized by recurring seizures. A seizure is a sudden surge of electrical activity in the brain that usually affects how a person feels or acts for a short period of time. Severe symptoms can include violent shaking and loss of control.

More than 66,000 Arizonans suffer from this disease; yet it remains one of the most misunderstood health issues. Even after receiving treatment, half of the people suffering from epilepsy continue having seizures. Many have trouble with employment, transportation, and social interaction.

EPI-HAB Supports Individuals Living with Epilepsy and its Many Challenges
At Epi-Hab, we provide meaningful employment opportunities for those with epilepsy. Typical work focuses on hand labor skills, and employees are paid at or above minimum wage with flexible hours.

Learn more by visiting EPI-HAB’s website: www.epihab.org