EPI-HAB: Your Business’ Secret Weapon

For decades, EPI-HAB Phoenix, Inc. has helped businesses, large and small, overcome challenges with growth and logistics.  The company helps save time, money and space with its hand labor solutions; including mailings, inspection/cleaning, assembly and custom packaging, storage and order fulfillment.

Sometimes, however, we have found prospective customers underestimate the variety of businesses that can benefit from our organization, and it’s easy to get lost in our long list of services without knowing how related businesses are successfully partnering with EPI-HAB.

For that reason, we’ve taken some time to collate three recent success stories from some very different companies, across a variety of sectors.

Challenge 1 – “Gift Bag Burdens”

So…you’re giving an awards banquet for 500 of your “besties,” and you want each guest to have a gift bag, but you don’t have the space or crew to collate and assemble the gifts in time. What do you do?

The Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce was faced with this very dilemma, but they had a secret weapon: EPI-HAB’s phone number (602-254-7027) in their back pocket.

thumbnail_Gift Bag Burdens

Solution:  EPI-HAB received and stored the various gift bag items, collated and assembled the bags, and then packed and delivered them to the banquet hall the day of the Chamber’s “Impact Awards Dinner.”

Challenge 2 – “Defect Distress”

One of EPI-HAB’s customers, a corrugated box maker, experienced an equipment problem which resulted in defects to its boxes. Not noticing the problem until the job was complete, the box maker was faced with two options: scrap the boxes and rerun the operation OR find a cost-effective, timely way to fix the defects.

thumbnail_Defect Distress

Solution:  EPI-HAB stepped in as the box maker’s “quicker fixer!” The EPI-HAB team received the boxes, broke open each bundle, inspected every box, repaired all of the defective boxes and then re-bundled, re-palletized and packed the finished boxes to send to the end user. This saved the customer the cost of re-running the job, the corrugated waste and delays to the end user.

Challenge 3 – “White Glove Worries”

Heckler Design, one of EPI-HAB’s largest customers, was in need of an uncommon, labor-intensive and meticulous “white glove service” for the company’s Air Conference Room Frames that were manufactured with a high-gloss metal finish.

thumbnail_White Glove Worries

Solution: EPI-HAB employees, using white gloves, Q-tips, polish, shammy cloths and plenty of “elbow grease,” thoroughly cleaned and polished the units. The dazzling frames were then bagged, boxed and shipped to a very satisfied customer.

We’d love for your company to become the world’s next EPI-HAB success story! To learn more about EPI-HAB’S mail processing, fulfillment, assembly, inspection and storage solutions, call: 602-254-7027 or complete our online inquiry form.