EPI-HAB: Your “Jack-Of-All-Trades” Hand Labor Solution

EPI-HAB Phoenix Inc. was founded in 1958 by a group of business and medical professionals who volunteered their time and efforts to form a company “to provide employment opportunities for individuals with epilepsy.” Over its 50+ years, EPI-HAB has assisted hundreds of individuals with epilepsy and other challenges while at the same time providing the workspace, skilled workforce, and refined processes to be the “jack-of-all-trades” hand labor solution to businesses large and small!

EPI-HAB specializes in hand labor of all types: assembly and disassembly, inspection, repair work, packaging, product quality checking, cleaning, mailings, fulfillment, shrink wrapping as well as delivery and storage! Additionally, the company is suited for jobs of all sizes, from the large business needing increased production during its peak season to the individual needing help with a bulk mailing.

Below, we’ve highlighted some recent projects showcasing the diversity of services EPI-HAB provides.

Mailings at EPI-HAB

Is your company overwhelmed with a mailing project? EPI-HAB’s staff can help with hand sorting, stuffing, collating, sealing and applying labels and postage!

In this example, the EPI-HAB team is inserting multiple pages into an insurance enrollment folder and repackaging the folders to be sent out to customers.

Fulfillment at EPI-HAB

EPI-HAB offers a full suite of fulfillment services, including:

    • Receiving inbound goods from your suppliers
    • Inventorying and storing your goods
    • Collating items, assembling and/or packaging items according to your requirements
    • Receiving your daily, weekly, monthly or sporadic orders by phone, fax or e-mail
    • Picking/packing and shipping your products to your customers per your requirements
    • Updating inventories and communicating transactions and supply levels

EPI-HAB is a trusted partner of Heckler Design, working with the company from start to finish (i.e., assembly, packaging, quality control, and shipping) on a wide range of fulfillment projects, including stands to mount technology for point-of-sale use and office furniture.


Our skilled hand laborers were also recently tasked with a fulfillment project for ToneWoodAmp.



EPI-HAB is the leading order fulfillment specialist for product developers and startup companies who lack the infrastructure to handle a surge in orders. Many business owners are also unaware of all that goes into the shipping process to keep costs down and customers happy. If your garage-based business is growing and you’re in need of a helping hand, EPI-HAB is your cost-effective manufacturing, packaging and shipping solution!

Assembly and Inspection at EPI-HAB

Rather than staff, train and lay-off or pay overtime for your peak periods and emergency needs, why not save time and money by hiring EPI-HAB’s skilled assembly and inspection team? As with our mailing and fulfillment services, EPI-HAB offers turnkey assembly and inspection services to a wide range of industries, including medical devices.  The photo below showcases a recent project the EPI-HAB team completed for Micro Tech Southwest. The EPI-HAB team assembles and inspects the company’s catheter adapters.

4 - micro tech


EPI-HAB also receives shipments of SRP M-Power units multiple times a day—sometimes receiving as many as 3,600 units per week.  Our team strips the units of their packaging, sorts them by model number and transports the units to the computer scanning operation where each unit is logged. The EPI-HAB inspection team also “scopes” each unit for operational defects. The M-Power units that pass are deep cleaned, repackaged and warehoused.

5 - srp


In January, the EPI-HAB team assembled and delivered these elaborate gift baskets for the Arizona Commerce Commission. EPI-HAB is equipped to help all destination centers, casinos, hotels, conference centers, and guest relations companies with assembly and collation operations. We assist many companies with the preparation of convention materials and goodie bags.

6 -- arizona commerce


A great example of inspection services offered by EPI-HAB is the Phoenix Suns commemorative glass project our team completed in January. EPI-HAB inspected, sorted, and delivered close to 33,000 glasses that were given away to game attendees.

7 - suns glasses


Repairs at EPI-HAB

EPI-HAB can also help companies with repair work. EPI-HAB saved the day for a corrugated box maker dealing with quality defects in the company’s boxes. The EPI-HAB team received the boxes, broke open each bundle, inspected every box, repaired all of the defective boxes and then re-bundled, re-palletized and packed the finished boxes to send to the end user. This saved the customer the cost of re-running the job, the corrugated waste and delays to the end user.



“White Glove” Service at EPI-HAB

Does your product require a clean or sterile environment? “White glove” treatment is another unique service offered by EPI-HAB. Heckler Design, for example, was in need of meticulous “white glove” services for the company’s Air Conference Room Frames that were manufactured with a high-gloss metal finish. EPI-HAB employees, using white gloves, Q-tips, polish, shammy cloths and plenty of “elbow grease,” thoroughly polished, bagged, boxed and shipped the products to a thrilled customer!

9 -- white glove


Storage at EPI-HAB

EPI-HAB’s warehouse is secure and racked for pallet storage. We unload your palletized materials (40” x  48” x  50”), place the materials in assigned space and pull it out for you when you wish to remove it. Charges are month-to-month per number of pallets. Special inventories, fulfillment from your palletized materials and transportation services are available!


With decades of experience, EPI-HAB is poised to be your go-to “jack-of-all-trades” hand labor solution!

Please contact us with any questions or to request a free quote!