Meet the Team: An Interview with Bonnie Munoz, Assistant Manager of EPI-HAB

Experience matters in the hand labor industry, and EPI-HAB has it! Our dedicated staff, combining technical, creative and strategic talents, boasts decades of experience in mailingsinspection/cleaning, assembly and custom packagingstorage and order fulfillment. The EPI-HAB team is committed to helping businesses overcome challenges with growth and logistics by helping them save time, money and space.

We recognize our organization’s most valuable assets are the people who make it tick and are excited to continue our series of employee-focused blogs and eblasts.

August’s employee spotlight features Bonnie Munoz, EPI-HAB’s assistant manager:

Bonnie joined the EPI-HAB team in 1979 as a temporary employee and has thankfully never left! Her skills were apparent from the very start. When given a project, she’ll find the best way to get it done. Bonnie’s successfully accomplished every production, customer service and planning job in the plant. And through her commitment to quality and customer service, she has worked her way up in the company, recently being promoted to assistant manager.

“I stay because what we do makes a difference in the community, and the people we help make a difference in my life,” Bonnie says.


As EPI-HAB’s assistant manager, Bonnie is an expert in developing quotes for projects, customer service, billing, conducting inventories and ordering supplies.


What do you like most about your job?
B: I enjoy the people and companies I’ve worked with for years. It’s a job I look forward to going to every morning. It’s my “happy place.”

What are the biggest challenges in your position?
B: I’m unable to run and lift like I did the first 30 years, but I make do! If I can’t move something, I just grab a teammate to help me out.

What are some achievements, successes or milestones you are proud of?
B: I started working at EPI-HAB in the 1970s at $2.00 an hour. I was a single mom and in the process of getting a divorce. Even back then, I felt proud to work here. We work together as a team. I worked my way up to become a group leader, an assistant and then a supervisor! I was then promoted from supervisor to assistant general manager of EPI-HAB.

What are your hobbies? What do you do during your time out of the office?
B: My husband and I enjoy watching movies, spending time at the casino and visiting with our grandchildren.

What television show or movie reminds you the most of the team atmosphere and personalities you work with at EPI-HAB?
B: The Brady Bunch! Similar to the brothers, sisters, parents and even Alice, the maid, EPI-HAB is one big, happy family!

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