EPI-HAB to Donate a Total of $60,000 to Local Not-For-Profit Organizations and Charitable Causes

As EPI-HAB approaches its 60th anniversary, we would like to celebrate and reflect upon the valued service and meaningful work we have provided to companies and individuals within our Greater Phoenix Metropolitan community. Over our “Six Decades of Service,” we’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings but have always remained true to our mission.


EPI-HAB’s History

In 1958, a group of business and medical professionals came together, and EPI-HAB Phoenix Inc. was founded with the initial goal of providing meaningful employment to individuals with epilepsy. As the medical industry made strides in the control of epileptic seizures, EPI-HAB (epileptic habitat) grew to welcome individuals with other challenges, such as hearing impairment, physical limitations, and mild mental challenges. EPI-HAB has always focused on the abilities of employees, not their disabilities, and has grown to support a variety of businesses of all sizes by providing a wide range of valued hand labor.


A Different Way of Doing Business

EPI-HAB has always conducted its business in a way that is unique for not-for-profit companies. EPI-HAB has not solicited donations, conducted fundraisers, or sought grants. It has always sold the “hand labor services” of employees to pay for wages and benefits, purchase materials, and invest in improvements.

Throughout its 60 years, EPI-HAB has always been dedicated to giving back and supporting other non-profits by donating excess profits to charities. That is why, to celebrate our 60th anniversary, we have decided to donate a total of $60,000 to local not-for-profit organizations and charitable causes.

Looking to follow our journey to 60?

The recipients and the purpose of the donations will be showcased within blogsemail marketing and EPI-HAB’s social media pages as the gifts are given.

For more information about EPI-HAB, visit www.epihab.org.