EPI-HAB “Shares the Love” with $10,000 Donation to Phoenix Children’s Hospital

The word “love” gets thrown out a lot around Valentine’s Day, but EPI-HAB Phoenix, Inc. spent the holiday week showing what compassion looks like in action.

Matt Redmann, EPI-HAB’s Executive Director, presented a $10,000 check to Dr. Varina Boerwinkle of Phoenix Children’s Hospital. The donation will support the global medical community leader’s research in targeting hard-to-treat tumors that cause epilepsy.


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It was the latest donation of the organization’s “Six Decades of Service” celebration.  EPI-HAB is giving a total of $60,000 to local nonprofits throughout 2018. To-date, EPI-HAB has also made donations to Lura Turner Homes and The Epilepsy Foundation of Arizona.

“A great many employees (past and present), local businesses and individuals worked together to make EPI-HAB thrive and provide six decades of meaningful employment opportunities for those with epilepsy and other challenges,” said Redmann. “Leading EPI-HAB into our 60th anniversary celebration, I could not be more proud. To give back to our fellow nonprofits, what better way to say ‘thank you’ to our customers, friends and community for supporting us since 1958?”

EPI-HAB was founded with the mission to provide meaningful employment to individuals with epilepsy by performing valued work for customers. Over the last six decades, as epilepsy seizure treatment significantly improved, EPI-HAB expanded its mission to welcome employees living with other challenges, such as hearing impairment, physical limitations and mild intellectual disabilities.

Typical work focuses on hand labor skills, with EPI-HAB often operating as a customer’s production plant and warehouse; receiving, storing and fulfilling orders.


EPI-HAB: Your Go-To Resource for All Your Hand Labor Needs

EPI-HAB focuses on the abilities of its employees, not their disabilities, and performs valued work for businesses, large and small, assisting with a wide range of affordable hand labor and other business solutions, like bulk mailings,  inspection and cleaningcustom packagingstorage and order fulfillment. For example:

– EPI-HAB assists The Bra Recyclers with the collection and sorting of gently–used bras which are redistributed to needy recipients, both domestically and internationally.

– EPI-HAB supports Maricopa County Department of Public Health by receiving/storing and then fulfilling orders for a vast array of health and safety items used by the county’s educational system.

– EPI-HAB helps Vinotive by receiving, storing and order fulfillment for its wide variety of innovative wine-related products. The EPI-HAB team also performs some assembly and inspection services as needed.

From simple hand labor to complex assembly, EPI-HAB can do it all! Are you wondering how EPI-HAB can help your company? Contact us today to learn more: 602-254-7027

Looking to follow EPI-HAB’s journey to 60? The recipients and the purpose of the “Six Decades of Service” donations will be showcased within blogsemail marketing and EPI-HAB’s social media pages as the gifts are given.