EPI-HAB Customer, Tuft & Needle, Merges with Industry Giant


In August, EPI-HAB customer Tuft & Needle announced they are merging their six-year-old company with long-standing mattress maker Serta Simmons Bedding (SSB).

Founded by engineers to serve price-conscious consumers, Phoenix-based Tuft & Needle is one of the nation’s leading direct-to-consumer sleep product companies. Its mattresses sell for as little as $350, and like its bed-in-a-box rivals, such as Casper, Tuft & Needle provides free shipping and free trial periods. The digitally-native startup generated $170 million in sales last year according to an August story in Forbes, and the company claims an eight percent market share on Amazon for mattresses priced above $500.

The recent merger “immediately unlocks Tuft & Needle to scale much faster,” said Tuft & Needle co-founder JT Marino in an interview. “We are now going to greatly pull ahead of the pack.”

According to a statement put out by the two companies, each of the brands in the merged portfolio will remain “unique and independent in the market.” Tuft & Needle founders will join the new company’s leadership team but will keep its headquarters in Phoenix.

By combining Tuft & Needle’s e-commerce infrastructure with SSB’s retail reach, the new company plans to provide innovative product lines and a better value to consumers.

“It will be a great combination that will really create the company that consumers are looking for,” SSB CEO Michael Traub said in an interview. “We will serve customers wherever they choose to shop.”


How does EPI-HAB lend a hand to Tuft & Needle’s business operations?

EPI-HAB is proud to partner with long-time customer Tuft & Needle as they share many of the same values to which EPI-HAB attributes its success.

Over the years, EPI-HAB’s team has lent a hand to Tuft & Needle’s unique customer appreciation initiatives:



When it comes to packaging gifts and gift boxes, EPI-HAB is second only to Santa. Pictured below is a “Wake Up” gift box EPI-HAB assembled for Tuft & Needle. Not that difficult you may say, and we agree…until you make 1,000 of them…with a deadline.



After receiving t-shirts and packing material, EPI-HAB’s hand labor team folded the t-shirts as per sample, erected triangular cartons, inserted the t-shirt as per sample into the cartons, inserted a Tuft & Needle card and closed and sealed the cartons with clear tape. The cartons were then stockpiled by size, and FedEx labels were applied for shipping. Check out the process below:



EPI-HAB was tasked with a new fulfillment project for Tuft & Needle in August. The Dryer Balls pictured below were sent to existing and prospective customers. EPI-HAB’s team inserted the dryer balls into a tube, printed FedEx labels and shipped the gifts.

What are dryer balls? “A simple way to dry your clothes better, these dryer balls naturally soften laundry and help reduce wrinkles and static. Unlike dryer sheets, they also separate laundry in the dryer, allowing air to circulate more quickly and evenly throughout.”


Hand labor similar to this is just one of the many ways EPI-HAB can help your company save time, money and space. Not to mention, all projects are completed while providing meaningful employment opportunities to individuals with epilepsy and other challenges.

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