Let EPI-HAB Take the Stress Out of Holiday Gift Basket Assembly

Late night talk-show host Johnny Carson once opined that there’s only one fruitcake in the entire world…everyone just keeps regifting it.

If you’re looking to spread some holiday cheer through your business this season, consider giving employees, vendors and customers something a little more meaningful (and less prone to regifting) that truly communicates how much you value them.

Striking the perfect balance between personal and professional, holiday gift baskets are a way to recognize outstanding employees, engage and retain current accounts, reconnect with former clients and convert prospects into loyal customers!

And while receiving a gift basket can “make the season bright” for just about anyone, the task of assembling them is time-consuming, challenging and likely frustrating for any business to try in-house.

Many companies alleviate that extra holiday-related stress by using EPI-HAB to spearhead their gift basket assembly. The Phoenix nonprofit has 60 years of experience and tackles projects of any size!

EPI-HAB offers a full suite of gift basket assembly services, including:

  • Receiving inbound goods from your suppliers
  • Inventorying and storing your goods
  • Interacting with your materials: collating items, assembling and/or packaging items according to your requirements
  • Storage
  • Shipping and delivery

A partnership with EPI-HAB saves your business time, money, and space…and spares you from committing any fruitcake-flavored faux pas.

If you’re interested in supporting a local nonprofit this holiday season while impressing customers and employees with elegantly-assembled gift baskets, get in touch with EPI-HAB today to bring your ideas to life!

Limited time or lack of internal resources this holiday season?

EPI-HAB alleviates the costs and stress associated with overtime and seasonal workers.

The holidays are a “peak season” when many businesses are overwhelmed with orders, for better or worse.  How your business decides to handle the extra load can determine if the holidays also mean peak stress season.

Do you have your permanent staff work overtime?

  • This is a risky move because the extra work contributes to increased employee stress and leads to eventual ‘burnout.’

Do you hire seasonal workers to take the extra work?

  • This tactic carries inherent risk, as well. There are training costs associated with new hires, and seasonal workers lack the loyalty of permanent employees. They could quit on short notice to pursue a better opportunity, and are often more likely to steal from their employer.

By partnering with EPI-HAB, you can avoid the hassles of finding extra space to complete the seasonal work, staffing and training temporary workers, and figuring out how to manage the overload. EPI-HAB’s skilled workforce is highly experienced in managing time-sensitive, complex hand labor-focused projects.

EPI-HAB is based in Phoenix, Arizona and serves customers across the United States. Call us today to discuss your next contract packaging, kitting or fulfillment project: 602-254-7027