Summer Updates at EPI-HAB

It has been a busy summer of strategic planning at EPI-HAB Phoenix, Inc. The organization’s leadership staff has been hard at work securing new partnerships to ensure a bright future and better opportunities for its employees. Additionally, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, whose work has long been supported by EPI-HAB, unveiled exciting surgical advancements in the treatment of epilepsy.

Here’s a recap of recent developments:


New Summer Work

EPI-HAB is proud to announce it was commissioned by the Arizona Diamondbacks to assist with an upcoming fan giveaway event.

A Major League Baseball franchise with a relatively short history, the Arizona Diamondbacks aren’t short on notable accomplishments.  The team’s World Series championship in 2001 was won just four seasons after the D-backs inception into the National League, and still stands as the only championship title won by a professional men’s sports team in the state of Arizona.

Earlier this month, the Diamondbacks delivered 17,000 mugs to EPI-HAB’s facilities and tasked the non-profit’s hand labor and inspection teams with:

  • Removing the mug boxes from their respective cases as well as the bubble wrap and mug from every box
  • Stripping off the mugs’ existing design with mineral spirits
  • Cleaning the mugs
  • Repackaging the mugs in their original boxes
  • Inspecting the boxes to ensure gift cards have been packaged alongside every mug
  • Placing each box back into its original case, sealing the cases and palletizing the cases
  • Delivering the finished mugs to Chase Field on August 15


The non-profit has a long history of being selected for professional and collegiate sports-focused projects, often assisting with assembly, inspection, fulfillment and delivery services.

Most recently, the EPI-HAB team inspected, sorted and delivered close to 33,000 commemorative glasses given away to attendees at a Phoenix Suns game.


EPI-HAB also assembled elaborate gift baskets that were given by the Arizona Commerce Authority to members of the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) committee while they were in Phoenix for the BCS Championship football game. The gift baskets were covered with a decorative cellophane bag and topped with a festive bow. Projects completed by EPI-HAB are custom-tailored to every client’s specifications.


Hand labor like this is just one of the many ways EPI-HAB helps companies save time, money and space.


Breakthroughs at Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Epilepsy is a chronic neurological condition that is characterized by recurring seizures. The complex disorder affects people of all ages, races and ethnicities and can oftentimes be unpredictable. Some individuals with epilepsy have multiple seizures every day, and others can go years without having an episode.

For children with epilepsy, anti-seizure medications are typically the first line of defense. Some children, however, do not respond to the drugs and face serious, lifelong challenges with the disorder. Fortunately, advances in surgery are offering new hope to these patients.

Barrow Neurological Institute at Phoenix Children’s Hospital now treats patients with a new surgery and device to help control seizures. The treatment, Responsive Neurostimulation (RNS), is designed for patients suffering from drug-resistant epilepsy with seizures localized in a critical area of the brain.

Source: Phoenix Children’s Annual Report 2019


EPI-HAB Supports Individuals Living with Epilepsy

EPI-HAB provides meaningful employment opportunities for individuals with epilepsy and other challenges. Typical work focuses on hand labor skills, and employees are paid at or above minimum wage with flexible hours.

The 501(c) 3 organization is unique in that it does not solicit donations or charitable contributions, receive any grants – government or otherwise, nor does it conduct fundraisers. EPI-HAB operates and competes, for the most part, as a for-profit business.

Alongside the organization’s own efforts to increase the quality of life for Arizonans living with epilepsy, EPI-HAB donates excess profits to charities like Phoenix Children’s Hospital and the Epilepsy Foundation of Arizona to advance the study of the disorder.

As part of its “Six Decades of Service” celebration last year, EPI-HAB presented a $10,000 check to Dr. Varina Boerwinkle of Phoenix Children’s hospital to support the global medical community leader’s research in targeting hard-to-treat tumors that cause epilepsy.

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