EPI-HAB Partners with MedAire to Provide Warehousing and Storage for Large-Scale Project

For decades, EPI-HAB Phoenix, Inc. has helped businesses of all sizes overcome challenges with growth and logistics.  The company saves partners time, money and space with its hand labor solutions, including mailingsinspection/cleaningassembly and custom packaging, storage and order fulfillment.

Since January, the organization has overseen a variety of projects at its facility, including an exciting new partnership with MedAire.

As an international SOS company, MedAire provides its aviation and maritime clients with fully-integrated medical and security services, which include:

  • 24/7 real-time access to emergency room doctors from anywhere in the world
  • Medical training for crewmembers at sea and in flight
    • Developed and delivered by medical professionals to build confidence and first-hand experience
  • A vast array of industry-compliant, custom medical kits and equipment

EPI-HAB’s work with MedAire began with the assembly of small medical kits for airlines and yachts. Around 15 various medical items were sorted and arranged into each bagged or hard-cover kit by EPI-HAB’s skilled hand labor team.

MedAire’s medical kits are considered the international standard for manufacturers on all new deliveries of aircraft and yachts.

The physical design of the kit (i.e., what medications and supplies are included and how they’re arranged) is carefully considered by MedAire’s medical team. Using fact-based data and an expert panel of aviation, regulatory and operational experts, MedAire provides clients optimum medical kits for their environment, ensuring crewmembers can provide the most timely and accurate care possible.

Why partner with EPI-HAB for assembly projects?

Rather than staffing, training and laying off or paying overtime for peak periods and emergency needs, businesses save time and money by hiring EPI-HAB’s skilled assembly team.

The Phoenix nonprofit can tackle projects of any size and has a long history of being the go-to assembly team for companies such as Arizona Commerce AuthorityTuft & Needle, and AMW Packaging Supply.

When tasked with a new project, EPI-HAB’s staff will review its parameters and overall requirements with its partner’s leadership before its trained hand laborers begin their work.

EPI-HAB’s partnership with MedAire has evolved to now include assistance on a large-scale project by providing warehousing and storage facilities. MedAire is leasing a little over 500 sq. feet of floor space in the corner of EPI-HAB’s warehouse as well as 300 pallet spaces of storage. The company began receiving and cataloging inventory in May and has a small staff on site conducting preassembly. MedAire expects to start assembling the medical kits at the end of June.

Why partner with EPI-HAB for warehousing and storage?

EPI-HAB can help increase production output without a costly plant expansion. EPI-HAB’s 38,000 sq. foot building and 15,000 sq. feet of racked pallet storage provide plenty of area to receive, assemble, repair, inspect and warehouse.

“The EPI-HAB team is eager to lend our expertise and resources to MedAire to help ensure the safety of travelers and military personnel,” says Torrey Rogers, president of EPI-HAB. “We aim to be an extension of MedAire, sharing many of the same core values and a culture of compassion and empowerment.”

About EPI-HAB:
EPI-HAB brings more than 60 years of experience and energy to fulfillment, assembly and inspectionfull-service mail processing, and storage. As a 501(c) 3 organization, it is totally self-sufficient while providing meaningful employment opportunities for individuals with epilepsy and other challenges.  EPI-HAB focuses on the abilities of its employees, not their disabilities, and performs valued work for businesses, large and small, assisting them with a wide variety of projects ranging from the assembly of medical devices to white glove services.

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