Meet the Team: An Interview with EPI-HAB Truck Driver Larry Lake

The only way to do great work is with great people who truly enjoy their jobs.

EPI-HAB Phoenix, Inc.’s success is fueled by hard working, enthusiastic employees who take considerable pride in their work. Every project receives their expert craftsmanship and attention to detail.  The team is motivated by a sense of purpose explained by the organization’s mission: “to provide meaningful employment for individuals with epilepsy and other challenges by performing valued work for area businesses.”

An integral part of fostering EPI-HAB employees’ passion for the job is acknowledging and celebrating their successes. Most recently, company leadership and staff threw a retirement party for the organization’s long-time truck driver, Larry Lake.

Working for EPI-HAB for almost seven years, Larry has been more than just EPI-HAB’s truck driver. He also served as the company’s mobile ambassador of good will. When work was picked up or dropped off, Larry was the first EPI-HAB team member customers saw.

A native of Baraboo, WI, Larry was referred to EPI-HAB by an associate who knew its president, Matt Redmann, and partnered with the nonprofit for many years. Larry said he was drawn to the position because of the work schedule, and “it helped that Matt is a Green Bay Packers fan.”

What have you liked most about your job?

Larry: I enjoyed driving and the physical work involved, but most of all, I loved working with my coworkers and interacting with the customers.

What television show or movie reminds you the most of the team atmosphere and personalities you work with at EPI-HAB and why?  

L: Easy…” I Love Lucy.”  The scene where Lucy and Ethel are working on the assembly line reminds me of what it’s like working at EPI-HAB.  My days were sometimes hectic and frustrating, but I could always have fun and laugh with my coworkers.    

What are some achievements, successes, or milestones you are proud of? 

L: Reaching retirement and building rewarding relationships.

What will you miss most about EPI-HAB?

L: I will miss the camaraderie with my coworkers, especially Patsy and Manny.

What are your hobbies? What do you do during your time outside of the box truck?

L: Working around the house, volunteering for Lura Turner Homes and being part of Glendale Hiking Club.  I go on day hikes with a group of 12 to 14 hikers from the club.

Something interesting most people don’t know about you is:

L: I love to travel to unusual places outside of tourist destinations.  I also have a Tim Conway sense of humor. 

What is the best advice you’ve ever received? Why is it important? 

L: My father advised me to get to work on time and cooperate with the boss.  He worked for the railroad so I figured he knew what he was talking about.

What are you looking forward to most about retirement? 

L: The freedom to do what I want on my timeline.



Larry will be fondly remembered at EPI-HAB for his outgoing, cheerful personality and impeccable driving record.

“As a very dedicated and dependable truck driver, Larry has helped foster strong customer relationships,” said Redmann. “We applaud Larry for his contributions to our organization and wish him the best in this new chapter of his life.”

Interested in joining the EPI-HAB team?

We’re always on the lookout for new talent!  Visit our Careers page to see what positions we’re currently looking to fill.




Save Time, Money and Space with the Help of EPI-HAB’s Assembly & Inspection Team

EPI-HAB Phoenix, Inc. is thrilled to announce a new partnership with AMW Packaging Supply.

AMW is a single-source provider for businesses’ packaging supply needs, offering a complete line of products tailored to its customers’ unique requirements. The company is backed by 125 years of industry experience and supported by the latest technology.

One of the companies with which AMW works is Phoenix-based Upper Crust Bakery. AMW supplies the bakery with corrugated display boxes. The boxes are filled with Upper Crust Bakery’s Cinnamon and Lemon bites and then delivered to Sam’s Club.

EPI-HAB secured the job of erecting these display boxes for AMW in January, and production began in March. EPI-HAB’s assembly team is currently building 1,080 boxes per day and is in talks with AMW about doubling that amount.


Why choose EPI-HAB for assembly?

Rather than staffing, training and laying off or paying overtime for peak periods and emergency needs, businesses save time and money by hiring EPI-HAB’s skilled assembly team.

The Phoenix nonprofit can tackle projects of any size and has a long history of being the go-to assembly team for companies such as Arizona Commerce Authority, Tuft & Needle, and Halo Branded Solutions.

When tasked with a new project, EPI-HAB’s staff will review its parameters and overall requirements with the company’s leadership. Then its trained hand laborers will make short work of the assembly project.

EPI-HAB can also help increase production output without a costly plant expansion. EPI-HAB’s 38,000 sq. ft. building and 15,000 sq. ft of racked pallet storage provide plenty of area to receive, assemble, repair, inspect and warehouse.



Why choose EPI-HAB for inspection?

Product inspections, quality checking and cleaning are a costly necessity, but EPI-HAB’s hand labor is a simple solution. Once a project’s requirements are provided, the EPI-HAB team is trained in how to efficiently complete the task. From electronic components to clothing and apparel, EPI-HAB’s inspection team is your “secret weapon.”

As with its mailing and fulfillment services, EPI-HAB offers turnkey assembly and inspection to its customers.


Interested in joining EPI-HAB’s assembly & inspection team?

EPI-HAB Phoenix, Inc. is united around a single goal: “to provide meaningful employment for individuals with epilepsy and other challenges by performing valued work for area businesses.” For more than 60 years, the organization has always focused on the abilities of its employees, not their disabilities.  And by supporting a variety of businesses of all sizes with a wide range of valued hand labor services, EPI-HAB continues to grow.

EPI-HAB’s leadership staff is dedicated to helping its team members discover their potential. Employees are trained on-the-job in a variety of tasks, including assembly/disassembly, repair work, packaging, product quality checking, cleaning, and shrink wrapping. There is no “piece work” rate of pay, and the entire staff is paid at or above minimum wage, with work primarily taking place indoors, on site. The organization employs a very lean management staff, so all employees must independently contribute in order for EPI-HAB to be successful.

The organization values team members who treat others with respect, strive for excellence, and are invariably responsible. If you are looking for a dynamic career in an environment that promotes continuous learning and personal growth, please apply to EPI-HAB today.


EPI-HAB’s Website Gets a Facelift

EPI-HAB Phoenix, Inc., a not-for-profit company focused on providing meaningful employment for individuals with epilepsy and other challenges, is pleased to announce the launch of the organization’s new and enhanced website.


Some of the revamped site’s features include:

  • A refreshed, modern design

  • Improved, user-friendly functionality
    • Providing visitors with a clear understanding of EPI-HAB’s mission and the variety of hand labor and storage solutions it offers

  • Bold, engaging colors that showcase the nonprofit’s brand and the energy with which it serves the community

  • A mobile-responsive structure
    • Adjusting the website to the screen size and orientation of the device on which it loads (including cell phones, tablets and computers)

  • Enhanced career content and features
    • Including a quick, easy-to-use online application and regularly-updated descriptions of open positions

“We are thrilled to debut our redesigned company website to EPI-HAB’s employees, customers, and community partners,” said Torrey Rogers, EPI-HAB’s assistant general manager. “2018 was a very successful year for EPI-HAB, and the launch of a new and improved website will help us maintain that tremendous momentum going forward.”


The new website went live earlier this week at the same web address: and will be continually updated. Visitors are encouraged to explore the site and to sign up for EPI-HAB’s newsletter to receive monthly updates. Please use the Contact submission form to reach out with any questions or feedback.


About EPI-HAB Phoenix, Inc.

EPI-HAB brings more than 60 years of experience and energy to fulfillmentassembly and inspectionfull-service bulk mail processing, and storage. The organization was founded in 1958 when a group of business and medical professionals came together to provide meaningful employment to individuals with epilepsy. As the medical industry made strides in the control of epileptic seizures, EPI-HAB (Epileptic Habitat) welcomed individuals with other challenges; hearing impairment, physical limitations, and mild mental difficulties. Over the years, EPI-HAB has always focused on the abilities of its employees, not their disabilities. Its team performs valued work for businesses, large and small, assisting them with a wide variety of jobs.

EPI-HAB Partner, SRP, Supports Employment of Arizona Adults with Autism

EPI-HAB Phoenix, Inc. operates under one primary goal: “to provide meaningful employment for individuals with epilepsy and other challenges by performing valued work for area businesses.” For more than 60 years, our organization has emphasized the abilities of our employees, not their disabilities.

We are always thrilled to learn about new organizations and initiatives that share our commitment to the local disabled community. Recently, we were blown away by the scope of the newly-announced Phoenix Precision Project, of which longtime EPI-HAB partner Salt River Project is a charter member.


What is Phoenix Precision Project?

Phoenix Precision Project is a new, innovative partnership aiming to create hundreds of jobs over the next few years for adults with autism and other developmental disabilities.

The initiative is led by nonprofit community developer First Place and The Precisionists Inc. (TPI), a company that advises and assists companies in hiring people with disabilities. By the end of the year, TPI plans to build an Innovation & Technology Center in the Phoenix area and hopes to secure more than 10 business and government clients.


How is Salt River Project involved?

Three organizations have already committed to the Phoenix Precision Project:  Arizona public power utility Salt River Project (SRP), the Arizona Department of Economic Security and Mobile Mini.

TPI works with its employment partners to assess, train, and place people with disabilities in project-based positions, including software development, software testing, database analytics, cybersecurity, backoffice accounting, data entry and auditing reports. Some of these tasks are performed on-site at SRP and other charter member companies’ locations; others will be performed at TPI’s Innovation & Technology Center.

Through the Phoenix Precision Project, SRP has hired eight full-time TPI associates for its information technology department, with all associates being paid competitive wages.


“Right now, we’re looking to expand the program within the company,” said Stephanie Winn, SRP’s manager of talent acquisition, in an interview. “We are working on getting other departments to sign on.”


What does Phoenix Precision Project look to achieve?

TPI expects the program to create more than 500 Arizona jobs for adults with autism and other disabilities within the next three to five years—and about 1,000 jobs by 2025.


“This is a big win for our community and our state,” said Denise Resnik, founder of First Place, who recruited the Precisionists to Arizona. “It represents public, private, philanthropic and nonprofit collaboration at its finest. It helps set the bar higher for what we can expect for people who have a different ability and to create more hopeful futures.”


How does EPI-HAB lend a hand to SRP?

In addition to its commitment to the Phoenix Precision Project, SRP supports local adults with epilepsy and other challenges through its partnership with EPI-HAB. SRP looks to the EPI-HAB team to complete repetitive work that saw high employee turnover when assigned in-house.



EPI-HAB receives SRP’s M-Power units (used by SRP’s prepaid price plan customers) several times per day, strips each unit of its packaging materials and sorts them by model number. Each unit is then scoped for operational defects, and the units that pass inspections are deep cleaned. Once thoroughly cleaned, the M-Power units are repackaged, with all new informational brochures and returned to the warehouse, where they’ll await re-issue to the next customer.

From simple hand labor to complex assembly, EPI-HAB can do it all! Are you wondering how EPI-HAB can help your company? Contact us today to learn more: 602-254-7027



What’s New at EPI-HAB—December 2018

Founded in 1958, EPI-HAB Phoenix, Inc. is a totally self-sufficient, not-for-profit company focused on providing meaningful employment for individuals with epilepsy and other challenges, primarily through hand labor services.

The organization’s fourth quarter of 2018 has been filled with new, exciting partnerships and a variety of facility renovations. Here’s a quick snapshot of what the EPI-HAB team has been up to:

Earlier this month, EPI-HAB teamed up with Boxes Near Me, another Phoenix company driven by the same mission to make a positive impact in the community. Boxes Near Me buys and sells used boxes. The company was launched after its owner moved to a new house in Phoenix and found that buying boxes for the move was terribly expensive and inconvenient. While seeking out a solution, he discovered a “whole world of hard-to-find used and unused boxes.” The idea for “Boxes Near Me” came to the owner after he determined he could save people money while helping the environment by “re-recycling boxes.”

Boxes Near Me BUYS BOXES. Its recycling program turns scrap corrugated inventory into reusable boxes for shipping and moving. The company also SELLS BOXES, offering a large inventory of deeply-discounted close-out, obsolete and used boxes. Boxes Near Me also sells tape, shipping supplies and specialty packaging for electronics, golf clubs, clothes and bicycles.

Boxes Near Me’s mission is to save boxes, save money, and save the world every day! The average box can be reused three-five times before losing structural integrity, and studies have shown that “eight gallons of oil are saved for every box that is reused.”

EPI-HAB is helping Boxes Near Me achieve this mission by cutting down Gaylord boxes to the company’s specifications.


EPI-HAB assists its partners by providing hand labor of all kinds:

Fulfillment Services
Mailing & Shipping Services
Double-Sided Taping
Fugitive Gluing
Repair Work
Shrink Wrapping
Automatic & Hand Wafer Sealing


Recent Facility Upgrades

Over the last six months, EPI-HAB remodeled its second warehouse, patched its parking lot, replaced its high reach forklift battery and, most recently, upgraded its electrical system. Diligent Electric worked hard to complete the work over a weekend to prevent EPI-HAB from having to shut down operations.

Holiday Celebrations

EPI-HAB stopped operations at noon on Friday, Dec. 14 to ring in the holiday season with its annual company Christmas celebration.  More than 60 people attended the year-end bash, including EPI-HAB staff, customers, vendors, past employees and board members. The event featured a buffet-style feast, with guests sharing their favorite dishes alongside a traditional spread of turkey, ham and gravy. EPI-HAB’s employees were also presented with bonus checks and t-shirts at the celebration.


A New Website for a New Year

EPI-HAB never stops working to better serve its employees and customers. To that end, EPI-HAB will be enhancing the look and layout of its website over the coming months. The new site will be optimized for mobile devices and include a refreshed, modern design.

Please connect with EPI-HAB on Facebook to share any feedback or suggestions you have for the new site before it is launched!

To learn more about any of EPI-HAB’S services or career opportunities, call 602-254-7027 or complete our online inquiry form.

Let EPI-HAB Take the Stress Out of Holiday Gift Basket Assembly

Late night talk-show host Johnny Carson once opined that there’s only one fruitcake in the entire world…everyone just keeps regifting it.

If you’re looking to spread some holiday cheer through your business this season, consider giving employees, vendors and customers something a little more meaningful (and less prone to regifting) that truly communicates how much you value them.

Striking the perfect balance between personal and professional, holiday gift baskets are a way to recognize outstanding employees, engage and retain current accounts, reconnect with former clients and convert prospects into loyal customers!

And while receiving a gift basket can “make the season bright” for just about anyone, the task of assembling them is time-consuming, challenging and likely frustrating for any business to try in-house.

Many companies alleviate that extra holiday-related stress by using EPI-HAB to spearhead their gift basket assembly. The Phoenix nonprofit has 60 years of experience and tackles projects of any size!

EPI-HAB offers a full suite of gift basket assembly services, including:

  • Receiving inbound goods from your suppliers
  • Inventorying and storing your goods
  • Interacting with your materials: collating items, assembling and/or packaging items according to your requirements
  • Storage
  • Shipping and delivery

A partnership with EPI-HAB saves your business time, money, and space…and spares you from committing any fruitcake-flavored faux pas.

If you’re interested in supporting a local nonprofit this holiday season while impressing customers and employees with elegantly-assembled gift baskets, get in touch with EPI-HAB today to bring your ideas to life!

Limited time or lack of internal resources this holiday season?

EPI-HAB alleviates the costs and stress associated with overtime and seasonal workers.

The holidays are a “peak season” when many businesses are overwhelmed with orders, for better or worse.  How your business decides to handle the extra load can determine if the holidays also mean peak stress season.

Do you have your permanent staff work overtime?

  • This is a risky move because the extra work contributes to increased employee stress and leads to eventual ‘burnout.’

Do you hire seasonal workers to take the extra work?

  • This tactic carries inherent risk, as well. There are training costs associated with new hires, and seasonal workers lack the loyalty of permanent employees. They could quit on short notice to pursue a better opportunity, and are often more likely to steal from their employer.

By partnering with EPI-HAB, you can avoid the hassles of finding extra space to complete the seasonal work, staffing and training temporary workers, and figuring out how to manage the overload. EPI-HAB’s skilled workforce is highly experienced in managing time-sensitive, complex hand labor-focused projects.

EPI-HAB is based in Phoenix, Arizona and serves customers across the United States. Call us today to discuss your next contract packaging, kitting or fulfillment project: 602-254-7027


EPI-HAB Joins Leading Employers at Building a D.R.E.A.M. Pre-Employment Fair

EPI-HAB’s controller, Torrey Rogers, volunteered his time earlier in October at the Building a D.R.E.A.M. Pre-Employment Fair. Rogers helped conduct mock interviews at the workshop, held in conjunction with Disability & Rehabilitation Employment Awareness Month, to prepare disabled job seekers for the Building a D.R.E.A.M. Job Fair.

To help its participants secure fulfilling, long-term careers, the Pre-Employment Fair’s agenda included resume reviews, interview prep, social media tips, guidance on how complete online applications as well as presentations by leading employers.

Representing EPI-HAB, Rogers was honored to be a chosen speaker at the event. In his presentation, Rogers discussed how to prepare and dress for an interview and offered general tips on what to say, what NOT to say and how to best communicate strengths to an employer or HR professional.

The Building a D.R.E.A.M. Pre-Employment Fair, set at GateWay Community College, is made possible through a coalition of state government programs, local non-profits, community partners and employers who recognize the value of an inclusive workforce and the positive community impact of connecting people with meaningful employment opportunities. Attendees are working to overcome a range of disabilities, including deafness, blindness, mobility problems and issues with emotional or learning development.

Careers at EPI-HAB

EPI-HAB Phoenix, Inc. is united around a single goal: “to provide meaningful employment for individuals with epilepsy and other challenges by performing valued work for area businesses.” For 60 years, the organization has always focused on the abilities of its employees, not their disabilities.  And by supporting a variety of businesses of all sizes with a wide range of valued hand labor services, EPI-HAB continues to grow.

EPI-HAB is an innovative and self-sufficient not-for-profit organization. It does not receive government grants or charitable contributions. There is no “piece work” rate of pay, and all employees are paid at or above minimum wage, with work primarily taking place indoors, on site. The organization employs a very lean management staff, so all employees must independently contribute in order for EPI-HAB to be successful.

The organization values team members who treat others with respect, strive for excellence, and are invariably responsible. If you are looking for a dynamic career in an environment that promotes continuous learning and personal growth, please apply to EPI-HAB today.



EPI-HAB Customer, Tuft & Needle, Merges with Industry Giant


In August, EPI-HAB customer Tuft & Needle announced they are merging their six-year-old company with long-standing mattress maker Serta Simmons Bedding (SSB).

Founded by engineers to serve price-conscious consumers, Phoenix-based Tuft & Needle is one of the nation’s leading direct-to-consumer sleep product companies. Its mattresses sell for as little as $350, and like its bed-in-a-box rivals, such as Casper, Tuft & Needle provides free shipping and free trial periods. The digitally-native startup generated $170 million in sales last year according to an August story in Forbes, and the company claims an eight percent market share on Amazon for mattresses priced above $500.

The recent merger “immediately unlocks Tuft & Needle to scale much faster,” said Tuft & Needle co-founder JT Marino in an interview. “We are now going to greatly pull ahead of the pack.”

According to a statement put out by the two companies, each of the brands in the merged portfolio will remain “unique and independent in the market.” Tuft & Needle founders will join the new company’s leadership team but will keep its headquarters in Phoenix.

By combining Tuft & Needle’s e-commerce infrastructure with SSB’s retail reach, the new company plans to provide innovative product lines and a better value to consumers.

“It will be a great combination that will really create the company that consumers are looking for,” SSB CEO Michael Traub said in an interview. “We will serve customers wherever they choose to shop.”


How does EPI-HAB lend a hand to Tuft & Needle’s business operations?

EPI-HAB is proud to partner with long-time customer Tuft & Needle as they share many of the same values to which EPI-HAB attributes its success.

Over the years, EPI-HAB’s team has lent a hand to Tuft & Needle’s unique customer appreciation initiatives:



When it comes to packaging gifts and gift boxes, EPI-HAB is second only to Santa. Pictured below is a “Wake Up” gift box EPI-HAB assembled for Tuft & Needle. Not that difficult you may say, and we agree…until you make 1,000 of them…with a deadline.



After receiving t-shirts and packing material, EPI-HAB’s hand labor team folded the t-shirts as per sample, erected triangular cartons, inserted the t-shirt as per sample into the cartons, inserted a Tuft & Needle card and closed and sealed the cartons with clear tape. The cartons were then stockpiled by size, and FedEx labels were applied for shipping. Check out the process below:



EPI-HAB was tasked with a new fulfillment project for Tuft & Needle in August. The Dryer Balls pictured below were sent to existing and prospective customers. EPI-HAB’s team inserted the dryer balls into a tube, printed FedEx labels and shipped the gifts.

What are dryer balls? “A simple way to dry your clothes better, these dryer balls naturally soften laundry and help reduce wrinkles and static. Unlike dryer sheets, they also separate laundry in the dryer, allowing air to circulate more quickly and evenly throughout.”


Hand labor similar to this is just one of the many ways EPI-HAB can help your company save time, money and space. Not to mention, all projects are completed while providing meaningful employment opportunities to individuals with epilepsy and other challenges.

To learn more about EPI-HAB’S services, call: 602-254-7027 or complete our online inquiry form.

Click here to learn more about Tuft & Needle’s unique mattresses.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital Brings Revolutionary Epilepsy Treatment to Patients

Epilepsy is a chronic neurological condition that is characterized by recurring seizures. The diagnosis is established when a person experiences two or more unprovoked seizures separated by at least 24 hours. The complex disorder affects people of all ages, races and ethnicities and can oftentimes be unpredictable. Some individuals with epilepsy have multiple seizures every day, and others can go years without having an episode.

What is a seizure? A seizure is a sudden, abnormal surge of electrical activity in a group of brain cells. Seizures generally last 1-3 minutes and manifest in a variety of ways: loss of consciousness, convulsions, drooling or frothing at the mouth, lip smacking, and jerking movements of the arms and legs.

Four percent of the population will be diagnosed with epilepsy at some point in their life, and in the majority of cases, there is no detectable cause.

Epilepsy Innovation: New Advances in Treatment

Barrow Neurological Institute at Phoenix Children’s hospital now performs laser ablation surgery, a revolutionary procedure used to treat epilepsy and brain tumors.

The minimally invasive surgery, requiring only a single, tiny incision, removes tumors and other lesions by using light to heat and destroy unwanted cells. Doctors use 3D navigation to place a thin laser catheter in the brain, and then with MRI guidance, they perform the surgery. The procedure is less painful and risky than traditional surgery and can bring an end to a child’s seizures—literally overnight.

The effectiveness of the procedure, combined with careful decision making with patients, resulted in 100% success in the first year. Every patient who received laser ablation surgery at Phoenix Children’s hospital in 2017 remains seizure-free. These patients, many of whom could not bathe by themselves, participate in extracurricular activities, drive or live on their own, can now live their lives to the fullest.

Barrow Neurological Institute at Phoenix Children’s hospital is the only pediatric hospital in the Southwest—and one of only a few in the country—to offer the procedure for epilepsy.

Source: Phoenix Children’s Annual Report 2017


EPI-HAB Supports Individuals Living with Epilepsy and its Many Challenges

EPI-HAB provides meaningful employment opportunities for individuals with epilepsy. Typical work focuses on hand labor skills, and employees are paid at or above minimum wage with flexible hours.

The 501(c) 3 organization is unique in that it does not solicit donations or charitable contributions, receive any grants – government or otherwise, nor does it conduct fundraisers. EPI-HAB operates and competes, for the most part, as a for-profit business.

Alongside the organization’s own efforts to increase the quality of life for Arizonans living with epilepsy, EPI-HAB donates excess profits to charities like Phoenix Children’s hospital and the Epilepsy Foundation of Arizona to advance the study of the disorder.

Earlier this year, as part of its “Six Decades of Service” celebration, EPI-HAB presented a $10,000 check to Dr. Varina Boerwinkle of Phoenix Children’s hospital to support the global medical community leader’s research in targeting hard-to-treat tumors that cause epilepsy.

For more information about EPI-HAB, visit

Career Opportunities at EPI-HAB

Become a part of our bright future.

At EPI-HAB, our team is united around a single goal: “to provide meaningful employment for individuals with epilepsy and other challenges by performing valued work for area businesses.” Through our 60 years in business, we’ve always focused on the abilities of our employees, not their disabilities.  And by supporting a variety of businesses of all sizes by providing a wide range of valued hand labor services, EPI-HAB continues to grow.

We are an innovative and self-sufficient not-for-profit organization. We receive no government grants or charitable contributions. We have no “piece work” rate of pay, and all employees are paid at or above minimum wage, with work primarily taking place indoors, on site. We employ a very lean management staff, so all employees must independently contribute in order for EPI-HAB to be successful.

EPI-HAB values team members who treat others with respect, strive for excellence, and are invariably responsible. If you are looking for a dynamic career in an environment that promotes continuous learning and personal growth, please apply to EPI-HAB today.


Current career opportunities available:

Box Truck Delivery Driver

EPI-HAB Phoenix, Inc. is currently looking for an experienced and dependable truck driver to join our team. The driver will be loading and unloading a 12 ft. box truck Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM.

EPI-HAB’s Box Truck Delivery Driver Must:

  • Have an enthusiastic attitude and safe driving record.
  • Be willing to do anything and everything required by his or her supervisor when not driving box truck.
  • Be physically fit.
  • Be able to safely and efficiently drive/operate fork lift, pallet jack and hand truck.
  • Plan routes and meet delivery pickup schedules.
  • Keep an activities and hours log.
  • Serve as an advocate and ambassador of EPI-HAB in every interaction with customers and the public.
  • Pass background/drug check and E-Verify.
  • Have a valid AZ driving license.


Janitorial Maintenance Worker

EPI-HAB Phoenix, Inc. is currently seeking an energetic individual to join our team as a janitor.  The ideal candidate for the position is detail oriented, flexible and willing to take on non-routine cleaning and special projects as the need arises.

Start time 6:30 AM to 3:00 PM, Monday through Friday.


  • Perform general cleanup of all areas of the building as directed.
  • Remove garbage and recycling daily and prepare bins for weekly pickup.
  • Service, clean and supply restrooms.
  • Mop floors, wash windows, minor maintenance (filter changing and light bulb changing).
  • Open plant, clear alarms and respond to emergencies as necessary.
  • Dust furniture, machines and equipment.
  • Pick up trash and debris from parking lot.
  • E-Verify required.


General Laborer

EPI-HAB Phoenix, Inc. is seeking a motivated, hardworking individual for non-routine cleaning and special projects in our Phoenix warehouse.

In this role, you will inspect and clean electronic devices and work with lacquer thinner and 409 cleaner.

Must be able to follow verbal or simple written instructions and procedures.

E-Verify required.


Interested candidates are encouraged to reach out to EPI-HAB controller Torrey Rogers at with questions or to apply. Can’t find a job opening that matches your qualifications? Please submit your résumé here for future consideration.


By embracing each team member’s expertise, listening to their ideas and recognizing successes, EPI-HAB provides an environment allowing every employee to achieve a rewarding career. No matter what role they play within the organization, EPI-HAB’s employees are respected, empowered and treated like family.

To learn more about EPI-HAB’s mission and services, please visit