Board Membership

Americans have always valued volunteerism, and today, the commitment is stronger than ever. The U.S. adult volunteering rate has increased by more than 32 percent since 1989.  Numerous studies have shown that volunteering strengthens communities, reduces stressincreases life expectancy and can even advance your career!

However, as a busy professional, it can be challenging to find a community service opportunity that fits into your hectic schedule while making the best use of your experience and expertise.

One local opportunity that fits that bill is EPI-HAB Phoenix, Inc. Board Membership!

Founded in 1958, EPI-HAB Phoenix Inc. is a totally self-sufficient, not-for-profit company focused on providing meaningful employment for individuals with epilepsy and other challenges, primarily through hand labor services.

EPI-HAB Board Membership is a gratifying, high-impact way professionals can give back to the Phoenix community while honing leadership, business, and finance skills.  EPI-HAB’s Board of Directors is the governing body of the nonprofit organization. Members review and approve budgets, establish long-term strategy, and act as ambassadors to the community.


Members of the EPI-HAB Board are expected to:

  • Attend meetings – nine meetings per year, usually 90 minutes in length
  • Contribute feedback/input on EPI-HAB’s strategic plans, leadership and areas with which they have professional training, e.g., human resources, product development, finance, accounting, marketing, law
  • Promote EPI-HAB’s mission and services within their personal and professional networks
  • Assist in new board member recruitment

There are NO financial obligations for board membership, and a short (1-2 year) term is an option.


Board Member Judy Snedeker and long-time custodian Charles Johnson at EPI-HAB’s 2016 Christmas celebration

“The single most important element in being a successful EPI-HAB Board Member is the ability and commitment to actively participate,” said Judy Snedeker, EPI-HAB’s longest-standing board member (since 1978). “New board members are encouraged to review all aspects of EPI-HAB’s plant operations, tour the facilities, and educate themselves on the safety aspects of the work and types of equipment utilized.”

In her tenure on the board, Snedeker helped the organization acquire its second operations building and held the positions of secretary and vice-president before ascending to board president for 12 years. In sharing some of her favorite board memories, Snedeker noted, “I am thankful for the relationships I’ve built with employees and proud of the accomplishments our team has made in the creation of new product production.”


Desired Candidates

The EPI-HAB board recognizes the value of a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives among its members and is seeking applicants who will enhance its diversity. Experience in the medical, manufacturing, technology, hospitality or entertainment industries is desired (but not required) to be considered for the role.


Put Your Expertise into Action

Would you like to help strengthen the Phoenix community? Are you looking to model “giving back” for your children? As a young professional, do you miss the leadership roles and volunteer opportunities offered in college? Are you looking to enhance your career development?

The reasons for EPI-HAB board service are ample and varied.

As Snedeker summarized, “We all have a responsibility to address community needs, and it is very rewarding to be a part of local job creation and help people develop in life.”


If you are interested in devoting your expertise to a worthwhile cause or would like to nominate a candidate to the EPI-HAB Board of Directors, call EPI-HAB at 602-254-7027 or email: