Chris Stingle – Facilities/Operations Manager

Joining Epi-Hab in 2021 Chris has had a big hand in helping Epi-Hab’s success. He has always made sure that not only are our clients taken care of he also makes sure that the whole staff is taken care of. He also keeps everyone in high spirits, Chris not only works at Epi-Hab, he also for the past 22 years has volunteered his spare time to Laura Turner Homes.

As the Facility and Operations manager for Epi-Hab Chris is quick to notice any safety issues and concerns that may arise and fix them as quickly as possible, as well as making sure every department has what they need in order to be a success. Chris is quick to jump in and lend a hand wherever it is needed. Chris is not only responsible for our location 2125 W. Fillmore he also is responsible for building over at 2140 W. Fillmore. Since Chris has become a part of the team, he as more than proven himself to be a great asset to Epi-Hab as well as a fantastic leader.