Assembly & Inspection

The manufacturing or assembly of a product is a time-consuming, costly process for businesses, and automation or highly-paid, skilled technicians may not be the most cost-effective approach. With our experience ranging from the simplest assembly to the very intricate, EPI-HAB can assist you. Our staff will probe your experts to fully understand the parameters of your work and your overall requirements. Then our many capable, trained and focused hand laborers will make short work of your assembling project.

Likewise, product inspections, quality checking and cleaning can also be a costly necessity. EPI-HAB’s hand labor can be your solution. Once we understand your requirements, we will train our many competent workers and then focus on efficiently completing the task. Whether it is a medical device, an electronic component or a service award, EPI-HAB’s labor is your “secret weapon.”

As with our mailing and fulfillment services, EPI-HAB offers turnkey assembly and inspection services to our customers.

Rather than staff, train and lay-off or pay overtime for your peak periods and emergency needs, why not save time and money by hiring EPI-HAB’s skilled assembly and inspection team?

If you would like more information on EPI-HAB’s Assembly and Inspection services, please contact us.