From Simple Hand Labor to Complex Assembly, EPI-HAB Does It All

Founded in 1958, EPI-HAB Phoenix Inc. is a totally self-sufficient, not-for-profit company focused on providing meaningful employment for individuals with epilepsy and other challenges, primarily through hand labor services.

Since the start of the year, our team has been involved in a long list of fulfilling projects, and we’ve been proud to see several of EPI-HAB’s customers in the news. We thought we’d summarize these updates for our followers through a quick show-n-tell in this month’s blog:


Mobilegro Gains National Attention

Mobilegro, one of EPI-HAB’s unique customers, was the subject of a recent Inc. Magazine article highlighting the owner’s process of turning an innovative idea into a profitable business. Angela DiMaggio came up with the idea for Mobilegro, a cart for gardeners, when she was in her 20s. Thirty years later, she finally had the time to take it to market.

Mobilegro three-tier planter CREDIT: Courtesy Company

Mobilegro three-tier planter CREDIT: Courtesy Company

EPI-HAB receives, stores, and fulfills Angie’s orders for her Mobilegro gardening cart.

Our team takes a great deal of pride in helping small business owners fulfill their dreams!


Prepaid Power Units Get New Life

With spring and summer comes an increase in Phoenix relocations, which means increased demand for SRP’s UDT Program.

Throughout the year, EPI-HAB receives shipments of M-Power units multiple times a day. Our team strips the units of their packaging, sorts them by model number, and transports the units to the computer screening operation where each unit is scanned into a log. By scanning the pin numbers, each returned M-Power unit is recorded, so deposit monies can be properly refunded. The EPI-HAB inspection team also “scopes” each unit for operational defects, and the M-Power units that pass are deep cleaned. The clean M-Power units are then repackaged with new informational brochures, and the individually boxed/skidded units are returned to the warehouse, where they’ll await re-issue to the next customer.

PicMonkey Collage

Most weeks, EPI-HAB’s employees supply SRP with around 1,200 – 2,400 cleaned, inspected and freshly-packaged M-Power units. Over the last month, however, our team has been working hard to process an impressive 3,000-3,600 units per week.

Customers like SRP return to EPI-HAB because our dedicated team provides them with the flexibility they demand!


White Glove Treatment for…Gloves

In April, Beggs Consulting gave EPI-HAB a call based on a referral. They were seeking help with 3,060 silicone gloves that were packed with the wrong labels.

After receiving the gloves, replacement bags, and inner cards from Beggs Consulting, EPI-HAB’s employees have been removing items from their original bags and re-bagging and sealing them with the new labels. Our inspection team also checks for dirt and hair and rejects any bags that cannot be cleaned. The re-bagged gloves are then packed into a carton, labeled, palletized and stretch wrapped for customer pickup. EPI-HAB employees are required to wear hairnets, gloves, and long-sleeved cotton t-shirts while completing this work, and to keep dust out, no fans or swamp coolers can be run.


If your product requires a clean or sterile environment, “white glove” treatment is another unique service offered by EPI-HAB!


Print Projects Done to a ‘Tea’


Our team members recently had fun lending a hand to O’Neil Printing. We affixed 12 different tea samples to sales brochures, matching the name of the tea with the name on the brochure. Packs of five were then shrink wrapped and packed into boxes. The efforts resulted in a very creative and attractive sales tool!

18076799_1403661646323120_4859413513310453137_oO’Neil Printing also recently tasked EPI-HAB with a simple glue peeling project. Our hand laborers skillfully peeled pharmaceutical information packets apart, removed all of the packets’ glue residue and rubber banded them in random quantities. The 35,000 sheets were then placed in trays all going the same direction and skid packed, keeping all products clean.

EPI-HAB has been a proud partner of O’Neil Printing for more than twenty years. And in that time, we’ve completed a wide range of projects for this innovative Phoenix printer, including collating, large mailings and glue removal.

From simple hand labor to complex assembly, EPI-HAB does it all!


Are you wondering how EPI-HAB can help your company? We encourage you to check out this short video summary hosted by EPI-HAB’s Executive Director, Matt Redmann.