EPI-HAB’s Hand Labor Solution Valued by Medical Device Manufacturer

Does your business have an important process that cannot be automated?

EPI-HAB is here to help.

EPI-HAB has a team of dedicated hand laborers, a production plant and plenty of work and storage space. We can become your manufacturing arm. Our hand labor services are valued by a wide range of businesses and individual entrepreneurs. EPI-HAB has experience in the medical devices industry, the entertainment and gaming industry, the consumer products industry and many more.

The photo below showcases a recent project the EPI-HAB team completed for a medical devices manufacturer. EPI-HAB carefully assembled and inspected 225,000 catheter adapters, ensuring a quality product. Prior to connecting with EPI-HAB, the work was outsourced to Mexico. We are pleased we could offer a timely, cost-effective solution to assist our customer.

EPI-HAB offers the following assembly and inspection services:

Whether you have a medical device assembly challenge or a 1,000 promo packets for your out-of-town convention attendees, let EPI-HAB’s skilled hand laborers become a valuable resource for your business!

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