What’s New at EPI-HAB?

Founded in 1958, EPI-HAB Phoenix Inc. is a totally self-sufficient, not-for-profit company focused on providing meaningful employment for individuals with epilepsy and other challenges, primarily through hand labor services.

Over the past couple of months, we’ve had some exciting company updates and projects rolling through our doors. Here’s a quick snapshot of what we’ve been up to:

At the end of February, the EPI-HAB team collated and stuffed 2,300 backpacks with booklets, information sheets and other unique swag for the annual Waste Management Symposium that took place at the Phoenix Convention Center.


EPI-HAB can also help businesses with the assembly of sales collateral or informational packets. The Salt River Project approached us this month looking for help with the assembly of 5,000 New Construction Kits. The project was made up of four steps:

  1. Pre-work: Inserting info sheets into protective pages
  2. Pre-work: Inserting CDs and DVDs into protective pages
  3. Assembly of the notebook/kit
  4. Finalizing the New Construction Kit


Why choose EPI-HAB for assembly/collation services?

Gift baskets, swag bags, and informational kits or packets can be very effective marketing tactics, but can also be incredibly time consuming to compile, especially if you want to keep essential employees working on the tasks they’re best at. Reach out to EPI-HAB to save your employees’ time! With our help, your assembly/collation work will be completed thoroughly and efficiently.


Early this month, EPI-HAB took on a fun, tech-related project for Heckler Design. Our team assembled WindFall Stands that are used to mount iPads for point-of-sale use. We are proud to be Heckler Design’s fulfillment, assembly and shipping partner.


We also saw repeat business from valued client Micro Tech Southwest, Inc. The EPI-HAB team assembled and inspected 300,000 Touhy Borst Adapters (catheter adapters) for the medical device manufacturer, ensuring quality. Prior to connecting with EPI-HAB, the catheter adapter’s assembly and inspection was outsourced to Mexico. We are pleased we can continue to offer the company a timely, cost-effective solution here in the U.S.


EPI-HAB also receives shipments of M-Power units multiple times per day. Our team strips the units of their packaging, sorts them by model number, and transports the units to the computer scanning operation where each unit is scanned into a log. By scanning the pin numbers, each returned M-Power unit is recorded, so deposit monies can be properly refunded. The EPI-HAB inspection team also “scopes” each unit for operational defects. The M-Power units that pass are then deep cleaned. After being cleaned, the M-Power units are repackaged with new informational brochures, and then individually boxed/skidded units are returned to the warehouse, where they’ll await re-issue to the next customer.


Finally, last but not least, both EPI-HAB’s building and website underwent facelifts!

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new website: www.epihab.org. The new site has a fresh new look and improved functionality to better serve our clients. We’ve updated content and integrated responsive web design. The responsive design provides visitors with an optimal viewing experience. Whether you’re using a computer or mobile device, you will find EPI-HAB’s new site easy to read, with minimal resizing, panning and scrolling. We also aim to keep the website as interactive as possible, so keep an eye out for regular blogs and updates!


EPI-HAB’s building will also be seeing $30,000 worth of concrete repair work. The minerals in the water are extremely aggressive, and over time, will deteriorate concrete and rebar. Please Note: EPI-HAB is still open during this construction and eager to help you with your next labor-intensive project!

To learn more about any of EPI-HAB’S services or career opportunities, call 602-254-7027 or complete our online inquiry form.