Warehouse Safety

When it comes to warehouse management, EPI-HAB’s team makes safety a priority. One of the most important areas of the warehouse that demands safe operations is forklift operations. Below, we’ve compiled a list of responsibilities for both the driver and non-driver to ensure safety.

1. Make eye contact with the driver.
2. Keep a safe distance from the forklift and pay attention.
3. Never assume the forklift driver knows you are there. Make yourself known.
4. Stay clear of the “fall zone.” This is a full circle around the forklift equal to twice the height of the carried load.
5. Never walk under the raised forks. Even when empty, the forks could fall without warning.

1. Only qualified drivers operate our forklifts. This is determined by EPI-HAB’s management team and is based on experience and training.
2. Any accidents must be (no matter the degree of severity) reported immediately.
3. We use the horn at blind spots, but don’t overdo it.
4. Non-drivers have the right of way–assuming they are not aware of forklift traffic.
5. Slow down at intersections, corners and ramps.

Finally, one last thing to remember: If you do get into an altercation with a forklift, the lift always wins.

We encourage you to stay tuned to EPI-HAB’s blog for additional resources and articles showcasing the unique way we manage our warehouse!