Save Time, Money and Space with the Help of EPI-HAB’s Assembly & Inspection Team

EPI-HAB Phoenix, Inc. is thrilled to announce a new partnership with AMW Packaging Supply.

AMW is a single-source provider for businesses’ packaging supply needs, offering a complete line of products tailored to its customers’ unique requirements. The company is backed by 125 years of industry experience and supported by the latest technology.

One of the companies with which AMW works is Phoenix-based Upper Crust Bakery. AMW supplies the bakery with corrugated display boxes. The boxes are filled with Upper Crust Bakery’s Cinnamon and Lemon bites and then delivered to Sam’s Club.

EPI-HAB secured the job of erecting these display boxes for AMW in January, and production began in March. EPI-HAB’s assembly team is currently building 1,080 boxes per day and is in talks with AMW about doubling that amount.


Why choose EPI-HAB for assembly?

Rather than staffing, training and laying off or paying overtime for peak periods and emergency needs, businesses save time and money by hiring EPI-HAB’s skilled assembly team.

The Phoenix nonprofit can tackle projects of any size and has a long history of being the go-to assembly team for companies such as Arizona Commerce Authority, Tuft & Needle, and Halo Branded Solutions.

When tasked with a new project, EPI-HAB’s staff will review its parameters and overall requirements with the company’s leadership. Then its trained hand laborers will make short work of the assembly project.

EPI-HAB can also help increase production output without a costly plant expansion. EPI-HAB’s 38,000 sq. ft. building and 15,000 sq. ft of racked pallet storage provide plenty of area to receive, assemble, repair, inspect and warehouse.



Why choose EPI-HAB for inspection?

Product inspections, quality checking and cleaning are a costly necessity, but EPI-HAB’s hand labor is a simple solution. Once a project’s requirements are provided, the EPI-HAB team is trained in how to efficiently complete the task. From electronic components to clothing and apparel, EPI-HAB’s inspection team is your “secret weapon.”

As with its mailing and fulfillment services, EPI-HAB offers turnkey assembly and inspection to its customers.


Interested in joining EPI-HAB’s assembly & inspection team?

EPI-HAB Phoenix, Inc. is united around a single goal: “to provide meaningful employment for individuals with epilepsy and other challenges by performing valued work for area businesses.” For more than 60 years, the organization has always focused on the abilities of its employees, not their disabilities.  And by supporting a variety of businesses of all sizes with a wide range of valued hand labor services, EPI-HAB continues to grow.

EPI-HAB’s leadership staff is dedicated to helping its team members discover their potential. Employees are trained on-the-job in a variety of tasks, including assembly/disassembly, repair work, packaging, product quality checking, cleaning, and shrink wrapping. There is no “piece work” rate of pay, and the entire staff is paid at or above minimum wage, with work primarily taking place indoors, on site. The organization employs a very lean management staff, so all employees must independently contribute in order for EPI-HAB to be successful.

The organization values team members who treat others with respect, strive for excellence, and are invariably responsible. If you are looking for a dynamic career in an environment that promotes continuous learning and personal growth, please apply to EPI-HAB today.