What’s New at EPI-HAB—December 2018

Founded in 1958, EPI-HAB Phoenix, Inc. is a totally self-sufficient, not-for-profit company focused on providing meaningful employment for individuals with epilepsy and other challenges, primarily through hand labor services.

The organization’s fourth quarter of 2018 has been filled with new, exciting partnerships and a variety of facility renovations. Here’s a quick snapshot of what the EPI-HAB team has been up to:

Earlier this month, EPI-HAB teamed up with Boxes Near Me, another Phoenix company driven by the same mission to make a positive impact in the community. Boxes Near Me buys and sells used boxes. The company was launched after its owner moved to a new house in Phoenix and found that buying boxes for the move was terribly expensive and inconvenient. While seeking out a solution, he discovered a “whole world of hard-to-find used and unused boxes.” The idea for “Boxes Near Me” came to the owner after he determined he could save people money while helping the environment by “re-recycling boxes.”

Boxes Near Me BUYS BOXES. Its recycling program turns scrap corrugated inventory into reusable boxes for shipping and moving. The company also SELLS BOXES, offering a large inventory of deeply-discounted close-out, obsolete and used boxes. Boxes Near Me also sells tape, shipping supplies and specialty packaging for electronics, golf clubs, clothes and bicycles.

Boxes Near Me’s mission is to save boxes, save money, and save the world every day! The average box can be reused three-five times before losing structural integrity, and studies have shown that “eight gallons of oil are saved for every box that is reused.”

EPI-HAB is helping Boxes Near Me achieve this mission by cutting down Gaylord boxes to the company’s specifications.


EPI-HAB assists its partners by providing hand labor of all kinds:

Fulfillment Services
Mailing & Shipping Services
Double-Sided Taping
Fugitive Gluing
Repair Work
Shrink Wrapping
Automatic & Hand Wafer Sealing


Recent Facility Upgrades

Over the last six months, EPI-HAB remodeled its second warehouse, patched its parking lot, replaced its high reach forklift battery and, most recently, upgraded its electrical system. Diligent Electric worked hard to complete the work over a weekend to prevent EPI-HAB from having to shut down operations.

Holiday Celebrations

EPI-HAB stopped operations at noon on Friday, Dec. 14 to ring in the holiday season with its annual company Christmas celebration.  More than 60 people attended the year-end bash, including EPI-HAB staff, customers, vendors, past employees and board members. The event featured a buffet-style feast, with guests sharing their favorite dishes alongside a traditional spread of turkey, ham and gravy. EPI-HAB’s employees were also presented with bonus checks and t-shirts at the celebration.


A New Website for a New Year

EPI-HAB never stops working to better serve its employees and customers. To that end, EPI-HAB will be enhancing the look and layout of its website over the coming months. The new site will be optimized for mobile devices and include a refreshed, modern design.

Please connect with EPI-HAB on Facebook to share any feedback or suggestions you have for the new site before it is launched!

To learn more about any of EPI-HAB’S services or career opportunities, call 602-254-7027 or complete our online inquiry form.